Tutorial #4: Making a Comic Book Effect on Photoshop CS6

Hi guys! In this simple tutorial we’ll convert a normal photograph into a comic book vignette. This tutorial was originally taken from here. Let’s gettit started shall we now?

Step 1: Let’s first open up our image. In my case, I’m using the super start/ youtube celeb Shironeko, also known as the most relaxed cat on the internet.

Step 2: First, we want to burn the quality of the image, so we go to Image > Adjustments > Levels… and play with the input labels until we get a pleasing result. If you’re using the same image as me, the input numbers are shown above.

Step 3: Next thing we’ll do is add a little bit of noise, this will get us closer to the printing effect of the comic books. We go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise… and play around with the percentage until satisfied. Remember to not make it too harsh; a subtle effect will work better.

Step 4: Make a duplicate of the original layer and name it HALFTONE. Have it selected, then go Filter > Pixelate > Color Halftone… and ONLY change the radius to 4, while leaving the rest as they are in default. Then click ok and your picture will look a lot like this one above. Don’t forget to set the layer to “Darker Color” for this comic book effect.

Step 5: Next, you will make the speech rectangles. Make a new layer and label it SPEECH RECTANGLES. Then with the marquee tool (m) make a rectangle on the upper left corner of the image (or wherever you feel looks best, I don’t know about you man).

Step 6 & 7: Make another speech rectangle (if you wish so), and then double-click the layer. A window called “Layer Style” will pop up, select the Stroke tab and apply same settings as shown above. Then press OK. This will create outlines for our speech rectangles.

Step 8: Now, I begin to write the text. I’m using a typefont called “Full Dece Sans” which can be found at dafont.com. There are a vast amount of websites that offer a variety of comic book style fonts that you can choose from. Check out Blambot, Comic Book Fonts and MyFonts.

Step 9: I’m beginning my sentence with a big letter; I chose to color it in red, then double-click my text layer to give it a yellow stroke. If you’re interested in this effect do as shown in the image above.

Step 10: After adding this small effect, I begin writing the rest of the text in smaller, black font.

Voila! Thanks for reading (: Hope you learned something from this easy tutorial.


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